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VKTRBLAK. and Arkhe at the Montana Ave. Art Walk in Santa Monica, CA

Posted by Estefan Duarte, Creative Director on Oct 2nd 2023

We at VKTRBLAK. are proud to have attended our first annual art walk in Santa Monica, California! Joining an abundance of local artists in the West Coast area, we found ourselves mingling with artists, chefs, custom jewelers, and much more! 

Posting up outside the Enda King Store (one of our retail partners), we decided to show off our upcoming Fall essentials collection, with an emphasis on premium fabrics and vibrant hand-dyed colors!

Local artists and vendors array Montana Ave., one of the most picturesque streets in Santa Monica. If you haven't been yet, be sure to come by next year to the cities annual Artwalk!

All garments we unveiled are available online now!